Fizjoterapia Therapy: 11

Shockwave therapy

It is an innovative form of therapy that uses compressed acoustic wave to relieve pain related to the musculoskeletal system. The procedure is highly effective and safe, and you can feel that it works already after the first time.

Time:10 min
From: 80 pln

Individual manual therapy

During individual manual therapy our physiotherapists comprehensively diagnose and treat dysfunctions of muscles, ligaments and joints. Therapy improves the motility and function of limbs and spine and helps to eliminate pain.

  • 30 min - 100 zł
  • 60 min - 180 zł
Time:30 min
From: 120 pln

Individual gymnastics with a therapist

An individual problem-oriented approach, elements of post-isometric relaxation, proprietary exercises that strengthen paravertebral muscles, exercises with rehabilitation balls and straps, home prevention.

Time:30 min
From: 90 pln

Levitas suspension kinesitherapy

Exercises with suspension are aimed at reducing joint and muscle train, which enables the patient to perform a movement that would be impossible for the patient without suspension due to their pain or muscle weakness.

Time:30 min
From: 100 pln


A procedure that consists in sticking special tapes to the body using a technique that depends on the assumed aim of the therapy. The tapes support natural self-healing processes of the body by improving muscle and joint function, normalising muscle tension, activation of the lymphatic system and improving microcirculation.

  • 10-15 min – 30-50 zł
Time:10 min
From: 30 pln

Peat bath complete/partial

Peat is one of the most precious gifts of nature. This therapeutic type of peat supports the treatment of inflammations, problems with muscles, bones and joints. It also has a relaxing effect when used as a hot pack.

  • 30 min – 60 zł
  • 45 min – 100 zł
Time:30 min
From: 80 pln

Therapeutic currents and electrodiagnostics

A complete range of therapeutic currents with a broad spectrum of action, tailored to the patient’s needs. Electrodiagnostics, electrical muscle and nerve stimulation, completely safe and effective procedures.

  • 15 min – 30-40 zł
Time:15 min
From: 40 pln


It is a field that uses changeable magnetic field, which improves metabolism. It supports oxygenation and blood nutrition, accelerating the healing of wounds and bones.

Time:10 min
From: 30 pln

Ultrasound therapy

This includes waves with a frequency that is higher than human audibility threshold. They have a mechanical, chemical and thermal effect, which provides an analgesic, hyperaemic, muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Time:10 min
From: 30 pln

Laser therapy

A method of applying laser energy to affected tissues, which ensures regeneration, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Biostimulating laser properties are also used to heal wounds and scars.

Time:10 min
From: 30 pln

Focal cryotherapy

Cooling body through contact with a stream of cold nitrogen vapour. The procedure has analgesic, hyperaemic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Time:5 min
From: 30 pln

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